Michael Bertolini's voice draws us into his Don Quixote's idealistic world
of La Mancha. His

rendition of "The Impossible Dream" is truly inspiring. Everytime he opens his mouth to sing

it is magical and heartwarming. -

Michael Bertolini literally became both Cervantes and the bedeviled knight in a masterful

performance - the essence of the dramatic arts. His firm ranging baritone pealed out the show's signature song,"The Impossible Dream", with reserved verve and understated musical delivery

with perfect pacing and emotional timbre. Times Beacon


As George, Michael Bertolini gives a pitch-perfect, understated performance. He portrays the character's weariness, closet intellectualism, and moral confusion so well that we never

question the truth of his story. -


Michael Bertolini as the Pirate King was a dashing, romantic figure. He displayed a terrific

voice and infectious relish and appeared to be having the time of his life. -Backstage


A first rate production that ranks as one of the best all-around shows I have seen in years.

Michael Bertolini is a commanding presence as Officer Lockstock. - Newsday


Michael Bertolini is simply fantastic as the star of the show! It was a joy to watch his

Broadway-calibre performance, at times subtle and nuanced and at others show-stopping.  

I've seen Mr. Bertolini perform three times at this theater, once as Don Quixote/Cervantes

in "Man of La Mancha", the Proprietor in "Assassins", and now Lawrence Jameson in

"Dirty Rotten Scoundrels", and I have observed him perform miracles in roles as diverse as

those. I am convinced he could play a mute zombie (a role that there seems to be an inordinate

amount of work for lately) and still win a Tony! - Stephen Treglia (Blogger)

"On behalf of all of here at LIFE ON MARS, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being a part of our first episode. You made COLIN RAIMES the disturbed psychopath we envisioned when we wrote him. We couldn't be happier with your performance, especially your chilling delivery during the interrogation scene."
Josh Applebaum / Andre Nemec / Scott Rosenberg 
Executive Producers